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Our booklets are printed to stunning perfection.  Printed on 28 lb paper (other options available, speak to a sales rep) with stunning color, we know you aim to please, so we aim to please you!  We have 3 different types of booklets, each giving a different feel and different look allowing for a wide arrange of uses.

Saddle Stitch

Our most basic of booklet binding, happens to also be one of the best looking.

Bound in the center of your document with multiple staples, this gives your document a magazine type feel and allows you to have a professional look.

  Price: $0.25 per book (plus printing cost)

*Saddle Stitch printing is limited to 200 page documents or less (some restrictions apply).*

Coil Bind

  Our coil binding system gives you a clean look for presentation binding.

When you need your pages to lay flat, or to flip over on themselves, this is the option for you.

Your presentation will allow for those you are presenting to, to flip through the pages with ease and take notes on any of the pages.

 Price: $3.50 per book (plus printing cost)

*Extra charges for thick books*


This is the binding system for those that want to make the biggest impact.

This system turns your booklet into what it is meant to be, a book.

Pages are glued to a steal binding with a clear front and back cover.

Your presentation, resume, and any other document for that matter will stand out of the crowd!

Price: $3.50 per book

*Extra charges for thick books*

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